12 Stages Of Writing And Protection Coursework

12 Stages Of Writing And Protection Coursework

Stage 1. Choose or find out the theme of their coursework, select and analyze the literature on the subject. 

Stage 2. On the basis of the selected information make up the content of their coursework. It usually consists of 2-3 sections at 2-3 points within each section. Since the standard size of exchange rate 25-35 pages, to fully develop a theme not possible, only the most important aspects of the studied object or phenomenon. Keep this in mind while making the plan. It needs to be made so that you have something to write on each item. Then it is necessary to agree on a plan of exchange with the supervisor and, if necessary, modify it according to the wishes of the teacher.

Stage 3. To formulate and write the introduction to the course or term paper, which indicates the relevance, goals, objectives, subject and object of study. Sometimes added information base and methodology of research, critical analysis of the sources of scientific and practical significance of the course.

Stage 4. Writing theoretical part of the course. At the end of each section formulate in the form of a pair of sentences of the conclusions at the end of Chapter write the final Chapter. Don't forget to calibrate each section and work entirely on the level of plagiarism.

Stage 5. Writing the practical part, which contains the analysis of the studied object, description of identified issues. At the end of the chapters of the same conclusions.

Stage 6. Writing recommendations for improving the state of the studied object or phenomenon, improve the efficiency of its functioning, etc. Then it is reasonable to study the world experience of dealing with similar issues. Add insights by section and Chapter.

Step 7. Writing insights on the course. When writing you should rely on the already previously formulated conclusions on chapters and sections work.

8 stage. The compilation of sources used. Sources can be in alphabetical order and as they appear in the text. The text should make references to the sources used.

9 stage. Adding applications, if any.

10 stage. Making the coursework as per the requirements, checking for compliance with the required level of plagiarism.

11 stage. The final test of the course and demonstration of the finished work supervisor.

12 phase. Prepare to defend the exchange rate. Writing a speech for protection, which contains main aspects of the study. If you need to create the presentation.

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