The Most Embellished College Myths

The Most Embellished College Myths

When you enter a college or university, you look forward to the start of the academic year. You want to meet new friends, move on campus and finally start visiting lecturers! Nevertheless, you can’t predict what to expect from the future. In some instances, the new life is full of myths which may amaze you and sometimes even shock!

We’ll take a look at all college myths. We will try to identify which of them are truthful and which ones are just the reasons to make fun of first-year students.

  1. You will do all tasks by yourself.

This period of life is entirely new for you, and you can’t predict how many different tasks are waiting for you. If you are a responsible person, you will try to meet all these challenges by yourself. Nevertheless, it doesn’t always happen that you have enough free time. The most prudent solution in this situation (if you don’t want to procrastinate these tasks) is to use the custom writing services. Just email them with the message “write my essay for me help”, and they will find a seasoned writer who will help you cope with this task.

  1. Teachers Know More than Students.

You can either believe it or not, but that is not always true. Modern technologies develop rapidly, and teachers can’t monitor all achievements on an ongoing basis. You can be lucky and meet only well-educated teachers who are always ready to help their students. Sometimes, students are afraid of some teachers or even hate them! Even in the worst case scenario, you’ll memorize this period until the end of your life.

  1. Not All Popular Colleges are Prestigious.

Even if you hear the name of this higher educational establishment for the first time, it doesn’t mean this college doesn’t deserve your attention. It can be a reliable higher educational establishment which specializes in a particular area. As the saying runs – Harvard or Oxford isn’t the only good higher-educational establishments.

  1. All Applicants Set Their Goals in Advance.

That is not true. The majority of freshmen don’t understand why they entered this particular college and who they want to be. It’s okay because college is the best place to set your future goals, examine your interests and get new skills in different areas. This is an ideal place where you can learn yourself and finally understand what area fits you most of all. Now, your principal objective is to find your career path.

  1. All freshmen lose weight.

Partially, that is true. Freshmen have no idea what to expect and get bowels in an uproar. You will have a busier schedule as compared to the one you had at a high school. Nevertheless, it depends on a person. Some students gain weight when they are nervous.

  1. All college students are poor.

Heck, no! There is a category of students who don’t have enough money but it doesn’t mean all college students are poor. This statement has another meaning. When students go to college, they will live alone (far from their parents). As a result, they start cooking and doing household chores by themselves. In some instance, they are busy, and they have no time to prepare breakfast, dinner or supper. They have money, but they have no time to eat. For that reason, some people call them poor.

  1. Finals week is the most terrible period.

Not for every student! If you are an A-level student who does all assignments by yourself, submits all papers on time and never procrastinates tasks, you won’t face any difficulties at a finals week. When you study hard throughout the semester, you’ll pass all exams with ease. No one but you can turn your life into hell!

You should always stay positive, work hard and be friendly with your group mates! A new life period is still full of myths and surprises. Their fundamental goal is to make you stronger!