Bad Grades in the Diploma - Disaster or a Little Trouble?

Bad Grades in the Diploma - Disaster or a Little Trouble?

On the one side, the assessments do not have to be a guide, because in the future they will not help you to build a career, and if we are talking about common subjects, then no one will look at the received scores. The diploma also loses its value gradually, because it is not a secret that the grades not always are indicators of the student's knowledge. History knows many people who have not even graduated from university but have achieved heights in their life.

On the other side, the diploma is obtained once for a lifetime (well, maximum two times), it will be impossible to change something there after graduation, and it would be preferred that the final results be positive. With the help of modern technologies, this will not be difficult to achieve. You can buy cheap essay if the literature is not your strong side, take additional classes with the tutor, install educational applications on the phone - do everything to see the desired result. See a purpose, but do not see the obstacles!

Learning for the sake of grading or getting a diploma is wrong. In this situation, the person does not care that the world is diverse and can be experienced. Such a person does not ask himself/herself the question: why do all bodies fall down and why is it important to read the works of great classics? He is not surprised by the laconicity of the mathematical formula and is not pleased by the beauty of nature. Such a person does not care and does not want to find out how scientists make discoveries, and what research they are doing now. From such a student can grow only a subordinate or narcissist, who knows almost nothing and is not interested in nothing, except about getting a good salary and a bonus.

After all, in the modern world, only those succeed, who are not afraid to take risks and show initiative, but diligence, accuracy, and obedience rarely lead to success. But they are the basis for obtaining excellent marks. At the heart of the desire to be an outstanding student in everything usually lies low self-esteem, which appeared most frequently in childhood due to fear of punishment for bad grades. The incentive to learn for children was not curiosity about everything new, but fear of being punished. And if such a system of punishment/encouragement was laid by the child at school, then at the university it will only develop and become more dangerous.

Many people enter a university without a clear idea of what do they want, for what they are getting their diplomas. They just do it, because everyone does it. Meanwhile, the proper way to study at school and university is to understand that the knowledge that you receive will be useful in life for the realization of your dream. Studying at the university should not become an end in itself, but only a tool for achieving success in life. It is necessary to study not for the sake of evaluations, but for oneself.