Best ideas for a really good cause and effect essay writing

Best ideas for a really good cause and effect essay writing
Table of Contents
  1. Best ideas for a really good cause and effect essay writing
  2. Top best ideas for cause and effect essay topics
  3. The greatest choice of inspiring ideas for a cause and effect essay topic
  4. Future projections
  5. Environment
  6. Health
  7. Relationships
  8. Culture
  9. Smoking
  10. Sports
  11. Society
  12. Education
  13. History
  14. Politic
  15. Business and economic
  16. Science and modern technologies
  17. Psychology
  18. Ethics

Top best ideas for cause and effect essay topics

Everything in our world is connected - nothing comes from nowhere, and nothing goes nowhere. Any event or situation is a consequence of some way of a mindset, conversations, actions. Once you realize it, you become a great power to control your results and your life. 

Cause and effect essay writing is an assignment that will help you to reveal the connections between causes and effects, to understand how everything is organized and to use this experience for your personal goals. 

The right theme for an essay is already half of successful writing, that is why in this article, we will give you some prompts of the really good essay topics writing. Also, you can use as an example our free essay sample written by academic experts to cope easier with this task. If you want our professional writes to do your assignment for you - then you will get an excellent mark without any efforts at all. 

The greatest choice of inspiring ideas for a cause and effect essay topic

Future projections

1. The changes in a global warming situation in 30 years. 

2. Will our children have robots instead of pets? 

3. Which effects on the labor market will provide the development of modern technologies? 

4. How will the increasing fashion for social networks influence the personality? 

5. What is the future of our educational system? 

6. Prospect consequences of cultural globalization. 

7. The impact of the Internet on the emergence of new professions. 


1. The current movement of deforestation may aggravate the global warming. 

2. The use of fertilizers is becoming an increasing threat to human health. 

3. The increasing availability of electric vehicles leads to a reduction in air pollution. 

4. Solar panels can fully provide the house with the right amount of electricity. 

5. The level of water pollution in the seas and rivers threatens the extinction of certain species of animals and plants. 

6. The most significant causes of the global cataclysms. 

7. What causes people to buy bioproducts? 


1. The most popular causes of obesity among the children. 

2. What are the effects of lack of vitamins in human's body in the different age? 

3. The impact of stress on the hormone system of a human. 

4. Trans fats are a hidden threat to human life. 

5. Sport can extend the youthfulness of the body. 

6. The positive effect of reading on the mental health. 

7. Modern devices significantly reduce the physical activity of children. 


1. How does the social media help to stay in contact with family and friends in the distance? 

2. How does the cooperative business affect the relationships of the spouses? 

3. Problems in relationships as a result of the divorce of parents. 

4. Does the emancipation make women happy? 

5. economic of cultural traditions in family values. 

6. How does the self-concept influence the relationships with other people? 

7. Does the student's attendance on the lectures change the professor's attitude? 


1. The lack of communication experience with foreigners causes bias. 

2. Globalization contributes to the leveling of cultural traditions. 

3. Consequences of multicultural society on the standard of living. 

4. How does the place of birth affect the people's mentality? 

5. People who are learning foreign languages tend to travel more. 

6. Children of parents from different countries are growing up with more respect for both cultures. 

7. How do the cultural values change with the time? 


1. Smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer. 

2. People who smoke live in general ten years less than non-smokers. 

3. Electronic cigarettes have a terrible effect on the heart health and blood vessels. 

4. Smoking during the pregnancy cause the numerous birth defects by the babies. 

5. Passive smoking can provoke asthma. 

6. Most of the teenagers start to smoke under the impact of the parties. 

7. Metals contained in electronic cigarettes cause general intoxication of the body of a smoker. 


1. Regular exercise helps to overcome anxiety and depression. 

2. Physical activity can prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus. 

3. Physical exercises free up a lot of energy and increase the level of endorphins. 

4. Regular training improves self-esteem and self-confidence. 

5. Aerobics and yoga contribute to improving memory by the elderly people. 

6. There is a proven connection between physical training and reducing of the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

7. Continuous workout contributes to increased metabolism and weight loss. 


1. The effect of feminism flows all over the world. 

2. People who donate to the beggars encourage unemployment. 

3. Why do the students seek for the second diploma? 

4. The modified manifestation of discrimination in our days. 

5. Language barrier prevents the integration in the society. 

6. Why do retired people are looking for a job? 

7. Causes and effects of a significant increase of Internet socialization. 


1. What effect has a tutor on the child's school performance? 

2. The useful and harmful impacts of modern devices on the educational progress. 

3. Does the system of evaluation in the primary school should exclude grades? 

4. Home education contributes to the worse socialization with colleagues in the future. 

5. Does a good quality education is affordable only for wealthy people? 

6. What causes teenagers to drop out of college? 

7. How teachers and professors can promote a love of their subject for students? 


1. The tragical impact of WWII on the lives of participants in those events. 

2. How does the history of a country influence its current political status? 

3. How did many years of dependency affect the economical development of ex-colonized countries? 

4. The role of globalization in the status of women in the modern society. 

5. Religion and its causes in political relations between countries. 

6. How did the invention of Johannes Gutenberg become a turning point in the history of mass media? 

7. What is the impact of the Holocaust of Jews in the lives of their descendants? 


1. Causes and effects of the terror attacks on Islam extremists. 

2. How does the government influence the economic situation of a country? 

3. Why do some people reject to participate in voting? 

4. How do the relationships between countries' leaders decide the relations between nations? 

5. The most significant problems of modern democracy. 

6. The rising of capitalism and its effects on the population's lives. 

7. How does the system of government impact the standard of living in the country? 

Business and economic

1. What was the main cause of monopolization of international markets by the largest transnational corporations? 

2. The effects of the black market on the economy of the country. 

3. Causes and effects of the Global Financial Crisis. 

4. The impacts of business activity of foreign citizens on the country's economy. 

5. How may the geographical location influence the economy of the state? 

6. Influences of unemployed citizens and refugees rates on the economical situation. 

7. Impacts of natural cataclysms on the economy. 

Science and modern technologies

1. What effect does the Internet a useful tool in the research activity? 

2. Which effects can have a lack of control over children on the world wide web? 

3. Causes and effects of robotization on the factory production of goods. 

4. The abilities of modern medical developments. 

5. The positive impacts of digitalization. 

6. How do the modern devices help to increase the human's productivity? 

7. How do IT technologies contribute to the development of other sciences? 


1. Burnout is the effect of stress on the working place. 

2. The healthfulness of meditation on the mental health of people. 

3. The influence of gender proportion in the working team on its productivity. 

4. How do the habits define the social status of a person? 

5. Benefits of mastering a skill of psychological methods of persuasion in a dispute. 

6. How the knowledge about human psychology helps to achieve the goals? 

7. The effects of environment on the mental wellness of people. 


1. Transplantation is the cause of the willful killing of people. 

2. Cloning is the path to the biological division and degradation of society. 

3. Causes and effects of artificial insemination. 

4. Possible dangerous consequences of euthanasia legalization. 

5. The medical operation for sex change: consequences for a person and a nation. 

6. 25. frame: the mass influence on the people' minds 

7. Surrogate mothers: causes and effects to born children for other people. 

If you get inspired by any of this idea, you can use our samples but remember that choosing a topic is just a half of success. To create a really good cause and effect essay you need to start with a captivating introduction, involve the readers with a creative thesis, direct their attention to the critical problem in the body paragraphs and harmoniously lead them to a definite conclusion. This assignment is exciting but requires both profound theoretical understanding of the problem and practical writing skills. If you feel that you might need help in any of this aspect, our academic experts with years of professional experience are always at your service.