Can money buy happiness

Can money buy happiness

Everyone has experienced the happiness that money cannot buy at least once in a lifetime. This is the feeling we can have for various reasons including achieving our goals, satisfaction from the educational process etc. Many desires of people belong to things and materials that can be bought. And here comes an interesting question requires some thinking skills: can your purchases make you happy? So read this paper from safe essay writing service to know more.

Of course, good income level gives you freedom and having enough money means providing yourself a comfortable life. Stable income increases the quality of life, the quality of every day you experience.

I think that there are a lot of people in the world who think that they might consume more goods to become happier. But my opinion is that people overestimate satisfaction they receive from buying luxurious things.

They don’t need all this extravagant stuff around for real. Just answer to yourself honestly, with deep thinking and understanding of the subject: do you think the material items will make you happy? Or purchasing is just a way of showing one’s vanity? It can also keep up with the Jones sort of speak when people are trying to fake their lives in order to make a good impression on someone. In this world, we have various classes of people: welfare, middle, working and upper.

The welfare class can be described as people who cannot find any kind of work and they can meet only their minimal everyday needs. What do you think about the quality level of their lives? Yes, they might own or rent some small apartment in uptown and they have some food on their table, but this kind of life cannot be comfortable under any circumstances.
Another branch is the working class. They are doing 2 or 3 jobs at once in order to earn enough for maintaining their daily needs. They are constantly hoping that someday they will be able to enjoy the values and goods offered by life. Their dreams are about traveling, having family and friends, spending a good time in good companies. Thus I concluded that money can affect life satisfaction if it is managed correctly.

Here comes another question: does it make sense to pursue the monetary income? I think monetary income is primary and wealth comes later. But the problem is that money has become a necessity for happiness. And after several years of wealthy life, everyone starts taking benefits for granted. Thus riches tend to pursue the illusion of happiness by making more cash and buying more expensive things.

Happiness is a mental state coming from achieving one’s goals or values. Values are determined by the person’s desire of gaining and keeping it. There are two huge kinds of values: those that a person cares about in sense of having or doing something or shows the desire to keep them safe. Values are also divided into spiritual and material. Material values are on an external side of life: comfort, the quality of food, the size of a house, the brand of a car. Spiritual values are individual and define the inner side of everyone’s life. For example, these are the desire to gain knowledge and wisdom, self-esteem, mental health, comforting relationships or others.

I agree that money can be defined as an opportunity to gain happiness in the society of today. Everyone spends money every day in order to buy things that are necessary. Buying various things brings everyone an instant feeling of happiness at least for several minutes or even days or months.
Many people believe income is a crucial thing even when it comes to everyone’s destiny and path in life.

For example, many of us had various dreams about being someone in childhood. No one cared about how much money they would earn. When we were children thus we used to dream without any connection to reality. There were many people who wanted to become dancers, artists or writers. But then everyone has faced the necessity to gain money in order to maintain own daily needs. And then people start to change their dreams according to the corrections with their basic needs.
Even if the values that can bring happiness seem spiritual, money makes obtaining it easier. For example, dream about the sustainable family with a couple of kids becomes impossible without being able to constantly purchase material items.

These examples show that money can make possible not only buying luxury goods but satisfying some spiritual values. Even good education cannot be gained for free because you need to pay huge fees even for the possibility to obtain really good classes.
Money can also buy material goods, time and freedom for an individual. The total autonomy, the power of doing everything you can and want could be bought with a certain amount of money. It also helps in achieving spiritual values as well.

Like everything in this world, material assets can be used for terrible purposes, and we can see thousands of examples of using cash for killing people, starting wars, cheating etc. But it also can be spent for wonderful life experiences, adventures and nurturing health and family. The way of usage of this material power depends on the inner qualities of a person who got enough money. The truth is that everyone might define the purpose of earning on one’s own.
Also achieving happiness in life is not an easy task. It is also important to know the danger of the “money can’t buy happiness” stereotype. It can be terrible advice especially for the adolescents who feel lost in this world because they are constantly looking for happiness, and it’s more productive to become wealthy people than trying many things like drugs or an alcohol.

The level of happiness is not equal to the income level, but it really depends on the quality of material possessions that are affecting daily life.
To conclude, the practical evidence shows that the level of happiness does not always increase accordingly to the amount one consumes. Putting assets on valuable purposes can bring a person closer to happiness.