What Kind Of Impact Has The Technology On The Quality Of Interpersonal Interaction?

What Kind Of Impact Has The Technology On The Quality Of Interpersonal Interaction?

The research is an actual 2017 because there are a lot of social interactions affected deeply by technologies on a daily basis. You can find the decline of communication due to technology research paper on the website of every institution that has an impact, like Oxford or Cambridge. This topic concerns everyone who is connected with the sociology and people relation somehow. Research paper on impact of technology on communication might be interesting for the sociologists and psychologists in the next 5-10 years.

The Tight Connection between Communicative Skills And Tech

Everyone highly relies on technology from day to day. And every user might consider that the real-time communication is substituted by the contact with the usage of devices. Yes, the way we talk to each other changed since the past radically.

Are technology for communication and people as tightly connected as it seems? Probably, because we find texting via endless messengers attractive and more pleasant than speaking according to any occasion. It is fantastic, we can use the tech to stay connected with people from the other end of the Earth at the time we use the internet. This is magnificent as well as the technology impacts the communication skills of everyone who uses it heavily. Tech industry has revolutionized our approach to socializing as an action. Now the relationship between people can be established even if they are miles and miles away from each other. They can be maintained without any attachment to the real geographic position of the participants, the effect technology has on our everyday lives cannot be invisible. Adults are losing their social skills, while children have never obtained them. Scientifically the fact that the internet and tech usage on daily basis adds awkwardness to our daily social interactions.

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The Brand New Approaches To Communication

The most important fact about what are the impacts of technology on the modern society is the possibility of revolution; since 1970, the number of people who make phone calls decreased significantly. And the use of the variety of messaging technologies has increased during the past several years. People prefer texting to each other more than talking. It takes less time and the messages can be answered any time and sent from anywhere. The way people use and the way the technology impacts our daily lives leads to some thoughts. From one hand, exchanging the information via emails and chats seems to be important and convenient for business purposes. It can be found that the possibility of making multiple accounts is good for business and for distant communication. If you are a remote worker, you literally can't live without distant communication. For other people, technologies become the advancement communication. You can use the smartphone to tweet, post on Instagram or Facebook and this behavior become a new norm of communication. The advancement technology gives us is something that cannot be substituted in any way. Even if our communicative skills are getting harder to obtain, as a result, we will not even notice it. Positive effects of technology on communication are obvious.

Technology Communication And Real Life Communication

The impact of smartphones and social networks is global. And many scientists are concerned about the negative effects coming with the revolution. But let's take a look at it from the other side. Let's mention the pros and cons of the face-to-face communication and compare it to the internet way of exchanging the information. 

The pros of live communications are that we can exchange emotions with each other and the physical presence of other people makes us happier and calmer. That has a biological reason, built-in in our DNA; emotionally we are more stable and happy if we are surrounded by other people on a daily basis.

But lets' take a brief look at the cons of the traditional way of socializing. It takes more time than messaging: you need to read other people's emotions and be supportive and polite, also you have no possibility to leave some confusing question without reply. Also, if you communicate face-to-face internationally, you might be aware of the etiquette and traditions of the particular group of people you are entering; seems pretty complicated, huh?

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of information exchange via the Internet. Here you can respond to the messages only the time you find it convenient for you. You don't have to control your emotions and be polite, per example if you received an annoying or frustrating message, you can yell or cry and your opponent might not see it. Of course, then you will need to respond politely. During the discussion, you can google something if the conversation topic is turning into something you have no idea about. You can avoid responding to some messages, you can block the user and send different files and information during the one conversation. Also, you can stay anonymous for various purposes.


To sum up, we can say that the Internet is an unlimited space that offers everyone various ways to stay in touch with each other. Probably, we are just not ready mentally for the technologies that are coming for us. Social skills are important, but in near future, we will have a world without limits, that is 99% based on the Internet or some other distant technologies. Remote work is the work of the future, as well as the traditional currency will be substituted by cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. We live on the edge of revolution. And yes, we might need some social skills to maintain the video or VR information exchange. The technologies will be integrated into our lives more than ever, and we can deny it, of course. People usually are against something new, but soon we will get used.