Fashion And Identity Dissertation. Providing The Best Fashion Topics

Fashion And Identity Dissertation. Providing The Best Fashion Topics

For many people, the fashion industry is only about expressing oneself in closing and chasing the famous brands. But fashion goes far ahead of the accepted standards and the opinion of many especially if they do not have a deeper understanding of basic principles forming the world statements. Fashion and the clothes are closely related and interconnected sometimes, but not absolutely the same, and the same is about brands. Culture and fashion are connected as well as with the cultural identity and how it affects our lives. People use fashion industry the way it can help them to express themselves and to create the distance between the social groups. Per example, some pret-a-porter collections fashion has always been limited in their quantity that's why they are considered as exclusive. To buy such clothes you might not only have enough money to afford it but reserve it long before the show. Thus wealthy people, celebrities, and politics create the distance between them and the working class dividing them in every society to create and maintain the difference. Brands like Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga have some items the price of which is starting from $10000. Of course, regular people can buy clothes with Gucci or Prada logo, but there is a huge possibility the bought item will be fake.

But not all clothes worn for expressing the identity is fashionable for the variety of reasons, per example, some people are against the class difference and want to express it. Identity can be expressed via the particular style. The subcultures of punks and goths are famous by their manner of wearing clothes and even the historical photos displaying the life and differences between various subcultures can be found. Goths are all black, while punks are poor and bright. It is how it is, and expressing the identity and belonging to the particular group of people by wearing some type of clothes is a normal process that flows in every society.

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The World Fashion Is Popular Research Topic Among Student's Communities

The topic is universal because the modern fashion is present in every corner of the planet: starting from South Africa, ending up with the North America. The current fashion is different and varies according to the cultural code of each country. Per example, the Japanese one is about the variety of school uniform and office suites, while in the US the school uniform is not affected by the fashion icons and celebrities. The industry focuses on different fields from country to country according to the needs of folks and government in the particular place. That's why choosing the particular topic for your dissertation seems to be a hard task. There are some pieces of advice that might help you to choose the best topic and we will pleasantly share it with you.

  1. Take something actual and not so far from you. Per example, if you live in NYC, better make a research about the changes in clothing on Broadway within the last five years, than compile the facts about some African tribes or SME fashion industry in Nigeria from the Internet. It is good for the quality of research to have the research object behind your eyes and this will affect the quality of the facts contained in your dissertation.
  2. Choose something interesting for you. Don't start your research if you just wish to get a good mark and forget about it because otherwise the quality of your research will be considered as poor. It will be the waste of time. This is a complex area of studies, it includes various cultural codes and tells a lot about the psychology of the particular classes. So, by starting to make your research on fashion, be ready to dive deeply into the history, sociology, and psychology.

Well, if we talk about choosing the topic, we might provide you with some of the very best examples. But again, don't expect that the survey will be easy and fast.

Some interesting fashion dissertation ideas

There are the topics that are more interesting than others. Not because they are better somehow, but because under these queries the tons of valuable information might be found. Well, let's consider some examples.

  1. Fashion and culture icons of 1980. This timeframe is interesting and unusual. During the studying, you might discover the plenty of bright facts.
  2. The rules of royal clothing. It might be interesting to study the rules of royal clothing in the particular country. Per example, in Japan, the royal family wears the costumes made from the particular fabric colored in the particular shade of yellow.
  3. The history and differences between the wedding dress from different timeframes. This will be interesting for those students who are dreaming about getting married. Thus after completing the research your approach to choosing the wedding dress will be even more conscious.
  4. The differences between the costumes in theater and the daily clothing. Why the clothing in the theater is what it is, how does it help to create the accurate scene and how long is the history of the theater clothing.
  5. The history of holiday clothing. This topic might require the desire to dive deeply into the social and cultural impact of holidays on people and society.

How To Make The Perfect Dissertation In Present Moment Fashion?

In general, the plan for the perfect dissertation on what fashion history has contains only three parts:

  1. Inform your tutor about what are you going to tell. This is an introduction.

This part contains two sub-parts usually. The first one will inform the reader about the topic of your examination and the second one is about your methods, concepts, studies you are going to use.

  1. Explore the topic. This is the main body of your work.

Begin this part of the terms and definitions. Then set up the main argument on the topic and then provide the reader with a couple of alternative documents.

  1. Sum up all you've said. This can be done in conclusion.

Your conclusion might include some important things like the summary of your research, your prospects about the solution and some suggestions according to the topic. Also, mention what remains unsolved in this particular case.

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