How to buy time when writing an essay? Little tips and simple guideline.

How to buy time when writing an essay? Little tips and simple guideline.

Frankly speaking, there are many students-overachievers at schools and universities, but very few can write good essays and enjoy it. Essay writing can be boring as well as from non-writers such as technical students it takes plenty of valuable time. Let’s transform it into a time well-spent!
A great essay is always about deep research and huge scientific data collection. Sometimes it is necessary to read the whole bibliography of various scientists and authors before start writing process. This part becomes impossible torture without any interest in the topic. What are you supposed to do if your favorite subject is programming, but your task is submitting a really good essay on History next week?
Below are some tips that are very helpful when we talk about saving time and having fun, they are simple and efficient and will be extremely helpful for everyone.
Firstly, let’s clarify the reasons of boredom that leads to procrastination and structure it into a list.

  1. You prefer chatting with friends, or hanging out than writing an essay.
  2. Constant thinking of what might your teacher like willing to write an essay that will please your professor will not help you.
  3. A+, as a result is more important for you than the content of your written essay and inspires you even more than the possibility to express your creativity into this work.
  4. The desire of reducing the amount of work submitted and the lack of concentration, thus you cannot start writing until finding the most efficient way to get it done.
Honestly, writing work is always sophisticated for non-writers, not only during an educational process. In high school students are focused on the high grades or teachers’ approval and it kills the desire to express their selves. Focusing on achievements, you lose all the fun from the process and you will never get enough time to submit the perfect paper with the A-grade-anxiety.
Focusing on the opinion of college professors keeps your mind closed for the innovations. Creating numerous drafts in order to write a perfect sentence, staying anxious you don’t spend your time efficiently.

What am I supposed to do to avoid the deadline anxiety and submit an interesting paperwork on time?

Firstly, find a good idea, then stop over thinking and just create an essay that will please you. It also means to immerse into the creation and give up the thinking about grades and standards.
Of course, the ready-made document needs to fit academic requirements. But before you submit a draft file, forget this situation and create something innovative, have fun from the process like it is your hobby. Make your draft fitting the academic standards in the end. If the task requires submitting a four-paragraph paper, create a four-paragraph paper! But make it interesting; express yourself throughout a single academic document and stop wasting valuable time for anxiety. Find a room to express own uniqueness.
We can’t absolutely insist you will receive the highest grade, but we promise, if you follow these tips, you will always find some fun in your education process. You are going to really love it.  We made a guideline that is simple and helpful when it comes to having fun from the creation process for everyone, even for tech people.
  • Forget about submitting the best essay in class and receive the highest grade, instead think about writing a story.
Every book you ever read has a conflict and challenge into it. You can also include a conflict into your academic work to make it immersive. The difference between fiction and professional academic paper is that in the second type of work you have a conflict between different ideas. Make your paper innovative by adding action and passion to it, don’t be afraid when it comes to expressing yourself in the academic paperwork.
  • Find your own inspiration.
Losing motivation during the writing process is OK and every writer, even professional, is familiar to this feeling. You need to be inspired all the time to complete the most difficult tasks. To receive this state on a daily basis answer to yourself: how can I have even more fun from it? We bet you’ll start searching for something interesting in the routine and even in your topic that seemed boring.
  • Look for something surprising into your subject.
Find unknown sides of your subject that can make the process of creation immersive. Forget about making your document perfect for your patron from the first attempt. We understand, it’s hard to give up your perfectionism, especially if you are a good student, but take a look into your inner world. Try to express your own thoughts, be a real researcher, not researcher-for-a-grade and you’ll see what happens and how your approach changes. Find a story about your subject that is really surprising and amazing and tell this story in your paperwork.
  • Write simple five sentences plan that will show an essence of your essay in order to use it for the creation process.
If you have the fear of the paper white don’t be upset, it’s OK, having no idea how to start and what to write even if you have a huge collection of the information. Write a simple, structured five-sentence plan. Each sentence might express the essence of each paragraph for your document. After you will have it done, explain every point in a couple of sentences, thus you will have it done faster!
Last thing: don’t leave everything to the very last minute before the deadline. An early start is more efficient, the result will be more profound and you will be calmer.
We wish this article was useful and you started to love an academic paper creation process. If writing is still sophisticated for you anyway, simply contact us, we are ready to help.
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