How to Deal With Homesickness: Tips For Students

How to Deal With Homesickness: Tips For Students
Table of Contents
  1. How to Deal With Homesickness: Tips For Students
  2. Introversion Issues
  3. List of Things You Miss The Most
  4. Other Ways to Relieve the Pain

Nothing is embarrassing about missing your home when you step out of bounds for a long time. Being a student means getting out of your apartment in most cases, leaving family behind and diving deep into the new life. The feeling of homesickness can be overwhelming and even crippling for some. That feeling becomes a distraction that undermines the concentration on studies, makes interactions with peers awkward and strained. Getting touchy is ok from time to time, but when the sadness doesn't leave you for weeks, it's time to tackle the matter at hand.

Introversion Issues

There's no universal method of coming out on top in a scuffle with your feelings. We are all different, and for that simple reason, we need different motivators and factors to change our mental state. People who rarely go out or travel would find the adaptation period to be longer than more social and outgoing types. It would take a lot more action from them to get rid of the blues and get back on the track. It comes as no surprise that introverts make up a large portion of homesick folks due to their reserved nature and lack of interest in communicating with relative strangers. They try to hide their feelings from others, aggravating the problem even more. Lack of human contact and inability to quickly make new bonds leave quiet students in an awkward predicament.

List of Things You Miss The Most

To help yourself get out of the hole you need to make notes of things you miss the most about your home. Take five minutes to make a list and come up with explanations why do you miss them. Usually the list of such things looks like this:

  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Pets
  • Home Activities
  • Comfort
  • Hospitality
  • Food

Yeah, food. You don't even realize how much stress a diet change can inflict on your system. Bad vibes travel straight into your brain which regulates your thinking process and makes you melancholic. People and animals that are close to your heart sadly can't attend the courses with you, but nobody took them away from you. It's easier than ever to communicate and be in touch with your tight circle. You just need to explore new ways of connecting. It's not out of realm of possibility that a phone conversation would cause you even more stress after hearing how much parents miss you and hearing stories about your best buddies. Letting your feelings out is just the way to ease the pain!

Other Ways to Relieve the Pain

Finding people who also miss their home and crying about it together is not a bad option, all things considered. Sharing your feelings would make you feel better, and such a topic can kickstart a real friendship between you and some other poor soul. Friends in misfortune? Outright getting involved and being busy could help to get your mind distracted, but then again, feelings could kick in the middle of the night, and your pillow will be soaked with tears by the morning. The best way to cure yourself is to give yourself a chance to experience warm feelings once again. If you can leave the dorms and come back to your block, why not do that when such opportunity arises?

Weekends look like a good time to catch a bus, nobody will hold you hostage and you can get homework help from the safe essay writing service. Come to see your family and friends, have fun and come back to the everyday struggles with an easier heart, taking some home comforts with you. Speaking of heart, you might train it to become stronger so there would be no sorrow attacks in the future. You literally can make it stronger, by doing some basic exercises that would wake up your cardiovascular system and give you an anger outlet. Statistics prove that sadness and depression are popular among those who rarely do any physical training. Get up from your bed and do some squats or run like a madman, that will help you greatly.

All in all, just doing things would help you much more than feeling sorry for yourself and staying isolated for the long stretches of time. Time cures everything and homesickness will go away with it, nothing beats father time in this life. It's better to feel something than to not feel anything. It means you are alive and have things that you care about, keep in touch and get better!