How to improve my essay writing skills

How to improve my essay writing skills

Any person can become better writer if he or she is sufficiently zealous and resolute.
Everyone has his own reasons to improve writing. Someone needs to elevate quality of texts for work, someone has to compose essay at the university. It is an essay composing that brings many people to a grinding halt. All is less scary: like any other skill, you can learn how to improve your writing skills, making preparation process itself fascinating. 
The best essay writers of all time provide several rules that can help make your writing process easies:
Learn to shorten lengthy texts. After reading a long article in the magazine, retell main points read in several sentences, note down your retelling. Vice versa try to enlarge small texts (from 300 words to 600, etc.).

  1. Learn to develop your thoughts. Try to answer questions in detail, not just one two sentence.
  2. Create weblog, post interesting articles. It is difficult to decide where to begin: do not waste time on unnecessary thinking, you can tell about what you know or what you want to know.
  3. You can get diary where at the end of each day you sum up and compose a plan for the next day (what happened, who was met, with whom you communicated, what the weather was today, etc.). This will help you get great collection of mini-essays.

We provide some other tips and tools that will help you become good essay writer and develop your essay writing skills

  • Keep in mind that work plan is your friend.
Blinking cursor on blank page or empty sheet of paper are significant enemies, even for the most experienced authors. Before putting a pen on the notorious paper, outline plan of what you are going to say – this will be your battle strategy, helping you win the war. Very few authors are able to perform anything without clear plan in mind.
Your plan should not be complicated. However it’s important to determine sequence in which sections or paragraphs should go, to outline thesis statement which each section should contain.
If the selected topic is complicated, the plan can be complicated. But keep in mind that the availability of sketches before start of work is a kind of "road map" in glove compartment of your car. If you begin to feel lost, go back to your scheme, start afresh with a new force.
  • "Steal", but within reasonable limits.
It is very difficult to come up with something new composing or ordering an essay from writing services. Use interesting ideas, but do not plagiate other people's work. The availability of analytical skills and ability to think, meditate and improvise on any topic will remain with you. Even if you are not a professor of economics, you are able to find reasons why it's necessary (or not necessary) to raise gasoline prices. You are able to decide whether children should start studying foreign languages at an early age and why.
  • Increase erudition.
Study serious journals and resources that will contain analytical articles on topical issues. Attend lectures and conferences, where all these issues are discussed Give yourself brain teasers: What does the Sun give us, why do people love sunny weather? This exercise helps a lot to develop the habit of not getting lost, to improvise and think aloud. Read and self-educate. In all essays it is necessary to compare advantages and disadvantages, to give arguments for different viewpoints, to analyze and justify something.
  • Remove unnecessary information.
The book "American Psycho" has extensive descriptions of how the main character shaves, applies gel on the body, dresses in a suit from Brioni and shoes from Prada – this is an artistic feature. You should not digress into irrelevant matter. Adhere to rules of grammar and style of paper. Use parenthetical words and phrases that help you achieve text cohesion and verbs in passive voice. Do not forget to divide text into paragraphs: a short one is much easier to read than a long paragraph.
  • Find a convenient place for writing essay.
You should try to compose paper in different places or at different times. Maybe you have inspiration at night; or try to get up 15 minutes early and work in the morning. If you are disturbed by noise, try working in quiet and cozy place – experiment in finding proper environment. Keep in mind that skills are developed with time: the more you work, the better paper you get.
Excellent writing skills come from constant practice and diligence. No one is born a good writer. It takes a lot of time and practice to learn how to write better essays.
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