How to Make Friends in College

How to Make Friends in College
Table of Contents
  1. How to Make Friends in College
  2. What do you notice 1st when you meet a stranger?
  3. Start small
  4. Friendship begins with a smile
  5. Strong connection
  6. Show your positive human qualities
  7. Have a rest together

One of the main reasons for stress among graduates is the fact that they not only say goodbye to the old way of life but also face the uncertainty that awaits them shortly. A new place, new buildings, new people. This is an excellent chance to express yourself, and start life from scratch. Nobody knows what kind of troubles you got in at school. You can correct the mistakes of the past, change your image and get rid of homesickness by making friends in college.

To go through the period of adaptation smoothly, we will show you how to make friends in college and be happy studying in a new alma mater.

What do you notice 1st when you meet a stranger?

Yes, appearance. Everybody does like this. The 1st impression can be deceptive, we still make guesses about what kind of person he is, whether we want to communicate with him and make friends or not, although we do not like when we are judged on appearance. We try not to hang labels and find out the inner beauty of a person in order to reach some conclusion, but usually we can't make friends in college with a person who looks unpleasant.

  • You should look nice and neat. It is not necessary to wear costly clothes; it has to be stylish, washed and ironed. That’s enough. Wear the clothes that you feel comfortable in. If you've never worn high-heeled shoes, wear usual sneakers. It will be better than looking like a grasshopper and reeling from classroom to classroom.
  • Take care of your hair and skin. This applies to the guys as well. Do not need to pour a whole bottle of gel to impress the girls. Regular washing and haircuts will be enough.
  • Do not forget the elementary rules of hygiene. Even if you look like a model from the cover of the magazine, an unpleasant smell will scare away potential friends from you.
  • Do not think about your demerits; no one will notice them unless you say. Emphasizes the merits.
  • Be self-confident. Not arrogant, but a person who understands himself and his abilities. He who accepts himself as he is. Such people can understand the demerits of his fellows with understanding.

Start small

How to make friends in college when you're shy? Look around. Come to the girl or boy who sits alone. Offer him help if he is confused. Or ask the question yourself. Usually, people are happy to help, especially if you are a freshman. Ask if he minds if you keep him company at dinner or on the way to the campus. Pay a compliment, ask where you can find the similar backpack. It's not that difficult to make a conversation; the major thing is to start.

Friendship begins with a smile

Do not wander with a gloomy or serious face. Be open-minded and smile at everyone, even if you did not meet them yet. Do not hide your eyes, do not be embarrassed if someone is looking at you, wave at this person. Do not think that there are only enemies around you; it is not so. Everyone you see is your potential new fellow.

If someone comes up to you, do not get scared and do not pretend that you are not there. Show friendliness and interest to this person. do not be silent, tell him a little about yourself and do not forget to ask your interlocutor questions. It should be a dialogue, not a monologue with all the details of your life.

Strong connection

Common interests. This will create a common reality between you. You will not have to suffer and come up with a topic for conversation any time you meet. If there is nothing in common between you, do not be discouraged. You might find a new hobby, and your acquaintance will tell you what to do or vice versa. Be inquisitive and accept offers to try something new enthusiastically. If this does not apply to anything illegal or harmful to health.

Show your positive human qualities

To get acquainted is half the battle, now you have to strengthen your friendship. It will be impossible without trust and honesty. The white lie is sometimes necessary for some small matters. You do not have to like what your friend painted, but there is no need to share your real opinion with him. Tastes differ. You can hurt, reduce self-esteem and discourage your mate to do what he loves. Praise instead of criticism, encourage and eventually he can grow as a professional and achieve success in this area.

A friend is needed not only to help you in difficult situations but also to extend a helping hand to someone. Do not refuse to support, to bail out your friend. Sometimes it's enough to sympathize. Be guided by the situation. From time to time wonder “what did I do to be a good friend?” instead of thinking “I have no friends in college.” Be the person you would like to be friends with.

Have a rest together

If you wish to have a close relationship - do not rest from each other, but together from everyone else. Be ready to help with dissertation writing, just as important as to hang out together. Walk in the park, attend the movies and malls, travel, relax in the open air. Call other classmates and visit the parties of other guys. Expand your circle, the more friends, the funnier. Having found one friend, you will not be scared to communicate with other people and make new acquaintances. Use the moment.