How to motivate myself to write my essay

How to motivate myself to write my essay

Writing the essay is one of the most complicated writing assignments done by students. It seems like there is much time to start writing; this deceptive impression leads to that we estimate our time incorrectly and leave everything at the last minute. Let's think about how to plan your labour, to ensure that this does not happen. And, what is even more difficult, how to get the mood to do it here and now, not to put off writing essay for long term.

Those who have even once faced with task writing process, this issue is painfully familiar. Terms are tight, you do anything else, but just do not do work. You just haven't got much choice, “day X” comes, and you should to prepare well.

What if I do not want to write the essay?

A student can not sit down write a paper, complaining that he has no inspiration and mood for writing. The appetite comes with eating. To feel more motivated you might force yourself to get the job for at least 20 minutes. Perhaps, you finally start feeling motivated.

Betweenwhiles people get into unpleasant state if they don’t want to do anything. There is nothing wrong with it; many of us have such problem that we can not bring ourselves to do important things. How to get rid of this condition? To develop volition and self-control: consider some reasons why there are problems with finding the motivation and how to overcome them.

One of the reasons is misunderstanding the necessity of this task. If a person does not realize why he needs it, he will never get inspiration for paper composing. Always consider the importance of the assignment and what benefits can you obtain from it. Remember your love to study, and what goal you set to yourself: it can help. It is necessary to develop interest in your paper: consider its topic, think about its usefulness, be interested in result. Do not draw it out to a great length: your energy may not be enough. Burden of responsibility acts like a charger; think about responsibilities and consider the consequences of what may happen if everything is abandoned. If you dont have enough time and do your essay in a hurry, its quality suffers a lot and it affects your good grade.

Another reason preventing to have assignments done soon is extraneous thoughts. Many students constantly are distracted by trivia, thinking of playing video games, holidays, love, friends, movies or use phone switched surfing social media pages – all kind of activities that will distract from school work. If you solve personal problems on time, and making efforts to focus your training, everything will necessarily turn out.

How to start writing your essay?

A good way to force yourself to stay motivated in learning is to find in work material interesting, and cognitive things that will get you inspired and how this material will help a future life. This gives motivation even for complicated tasks and make this process easier. To create good essay, you can imagine that you are acting as a journalist:this gives the text a flavor and beauty of utterances. Just tell yourself: "Write My Essay"!

Decide on the topic, make literature list, start reading necessary books. It is best if the topic is related to professional tasks that you want to do in your life; it can make things much easier and later this experience can be useful in your future career.

How to force yourself to get essay done?

It is necessary to set our own tasks in assignment which you were given to cope with. You need to think about how it can affect what you plan to do in your whole life. This knowledge, acquired skills can help you understand what kind of activity you want to do. Over time you may experience the deepest joy that you forced yourself to write great essay. It has fructified. Seeing the result, a person understands that his efforts were not vain and groundless, and he made his choice in the best way.

Spend time with activities that you love. This rest, emotional relaxation help be more attentive and prevent to feel unmotivated if you still feel like. Satisfying your needs of relaxation and some kinds of entertainment, you help develop your body's energy to paper composing.

The key to success is in understanding things. It is necessary to be guided not only by personal feelings, emotions and desires, but by the mind even in the process of studying. This is what distinguishes an adult. Having invest all your efforts to the assignment, you will step onto a final stage of growing up. The ability to self-control, self-organization, and discipline is very useful in a huge adult life ability.

Try not to yield to emotions, drop everything, and always but to have fun. Properly arrange life priorities, and you will feel joy, self-confidence. Let your life path always be successful, even though in the beginning, you have to force yourself to do something. Allow them bring success and the best results.

If it seems to you that you do not write essay exactly the way you want, don’t get away your job. To change or edit the text is easier than doing everything from scratch. If nothing really comes to mind, you need start another job or take rest. To act effectively, you need to follow the daily routine. Psychologists advise to engage in mental alertness in the morning and go to bed not late at night. Each situation is individual: there are people who work best at night.

There are a lot of tricks and devious means resorted by students of different ages who have no idea how to force themselves to make a paper. Try to avoid them.

First mistake

You sit down front computer and open sites with free abstracts and coursework, starting download everything that might look like your work. Completing the task in this way leads to unsatisfactory grade. Don’t rely on finished projects: teachers easily recognize poor-quality text. After composing, your work consists of colorful text fragments, the style of which catches an eye.

Second mistake

Sitting at the computer, you begin to actively explore its technical capabilities, or suddenly bethink that you have a couple of uncommitted photos, not viewed messages in media pages logged. Another option: you start by opening chat forum, conferring and discussing your writing, You will be supported, but this activity can not be effective.

Theory of small businesses

It is psychologically difficult to motivate ourselves to do often the hardest assignment. The best method is to divide a large task into several small subtasks. Whatever the text was discussed (essay, scientific article or report), paper creation process includes four stages, which should be clearly divided. The first stage is collection of material; the next is main theses formulation and drawing up a plan. Then a draft is done and finally text editing. Do not mix these stages and try to do everything at once.

Guided by provisions of this theory, you can motivate yourself either to create a paper, or to implement a lot of other plans. This theory essence is that to achieve the goal you need to take small, but regular steps every day.

  1. Collecting material

All important information should be close at hand. Before you started text, you can make a selection of necessary quotes, data, examples, illustration, evidence to support side argue. These are your tools that you prepare in advance. Imagine that you invited an electrician: he came to you, started work, and found that he did not have a screwdriver. He goes to look for it, coming back, continues to work and finds out that he does not have a voltmeter, etc. As a result, the work is delayed for whole day. We should not be like this forgetful electrician, otherwise we get an infinite search for necessary information.

  1. Statement thesis wording and plan creation

After all necessary information is at your disposal, proceed to formulation of main ideas and arguments. You do not need to record them immediately in expanded form. Use simple sentences, phrases or even single words. It is most convenient to list your theses in form of paragraphs and bullet points, rather than a merged text. This allows you to see how your ideas are related to each other. Based on abstracts and collected material, you must draw up a work plan.

Drawing up a plan is one of the most essential and necessary procedures. There are people who say that they do not make a plan, but simply follow the movement of their thoughts. These people are not completely sincere, they also follow the plan, it's just in their head, not on paper. Make a plan as detailed as possible. This will help you forget nothing, organize disparate thoughts into a coherent structure, understand if there are recurring ideas in your text. It makes it possible to divide your further work into smaller parts. With the plan, you compose not one big text, but paragraphs, which is simple and foreseeable exercise. Of course, during making a draft the plan may change in one way or another.

  1. Draft

The draft is stage when you begin to create the text. Many people mistakenly believe that work begins with draft and ends with it; this is not true. If you have not completed first two stages, composing draft will be long, painful and inefficient. If you stopped on it, the text turns out to be untidy. The main goal of this stage is to turn already thought-out arguments and theses of your plan into detailed sentences and coherent pieces of text. It should be kept in mind that the draft should not be perfect from spelling, grammatical and stylistic point of view.

  1. Editing

It is important not to forget about this step. After you have finished a draft, you need to reread it, improve mistakes and misprints, work on formulations of individual sentences, find the most suitable terms and synonyms, check spelling and meaning of some words. If you are supposed to read your paper in form of oral report, make sure to read it aloud, see if all words fit well with each other during pronouncing.

What if I write very slowly?

"I sat at the computer all day, and wrote only a few lines." This is situation faced by almost everyone. One of the reasons for this unproductive activity can be low concentration. Another reason is mixing of described four steps. We immediately strive to create a very good text, but this quite justified desire sometimes does not allow us to move beyond the first paragraph. We constantly formulate and reformulate our phrases, return to mistakes and improve misprints. There are several techniques that help to cope with this problem. At the draft stage, it's best to turn off error correction settings for them not to distract you and do not prompt you to edit the paper before you complete it. Or just handwrite draft. This is less convenient from practical perspective, but it is useful, because motility is directly related to thinking process.

Here are tips that help you feel more motivated writing an essay and increase concentration:

  • Do only one thing

Many people prefer to do several things at once. Talking on the phone, they pick up quotes for paper and drink coffee.  With this approach the brain does not have time to simultaneously perceive information and process it. We will be able to improve the quality of our application if we deal only with one thing.

  • Create a "glass cap"

The noise and various irritants surrounding us prevent us from concentrating. To conduct activity under a "glass cap" means to isolate yourself from all sources of noise: try to find a quiet place to do your paper.

  • Prepare your workspace
If we are comfortable at the desk, our labor ability and concentration increase. The workplace environment plays a decisive role. The more requirements it meets, the better we function and less tired, which means we can concentrate longer. Pay attention to proper chair height, your position behind the desk, lighting and distance between the monitor screen and your eyes.
  • Undertake a task immediately

One shoulder of mutton draws another; interest often appears when you are beginning to deal with this matter. In order to motivate yourself and maintain concentration, you need to change your approach. It is most difficult to make the first step,the interest will appear later: proceed to perform an uninteresting paper without postponing.

  • Bring ideas in order

Before you proceed directly to essay, relax and gather your thoughts. Drop all thoughts concerning your other duties and think about how you achieve your goals and fulfill requirements.

  • Avoid overfatigue

A huge amount of load prevents free flow of our energy and thoughts, weakens strength of concentration. Carefully plan your work day, do only what you exactly should do.

You will be surprised that there are people who like to write essays. Maybe tips prove useful and you will become one of this kind of people!