How to Check the Presence of a Literary Gift

How to Check the Presence of a Literary Gift

This question is quite logical for beginners, both in journalism and in literature. They often ask similar questions: do I have the talent to write notes, stories, novellas, novels, finally? Maybe I am just a lack of talent and only wasting my time?

Am I good or not?

At the very beginning, not always you can claim that this or that person has a gift. You can evaluate some pieces of work - what was a bright fragment, what was a mistake. But this is a result of today, and no one can predict 100% what books the author will write in ten years. That is why to put labels "good" or "not good" is a waste of time.

Many writers (if not to say all of them without exception) received fierce criticism and a seal of mediocrity in their address on the beginning of their career, even the most venerable authors. The young author needs to focus not on finding a divine gift, but on earthly things: is he ready to tirelessly write in the coming years? Is he prepared to study theory, make mistakes, live through various failures and start all over again? If yes, he has 80% of talent. And for the rest, we can thank genetics, destiny, stars, whatever.

What are the main components of talent?

Literary talent consists of two main components: technical and intellectual.

Some authors masterfully own the word, but their subjects are banal, the characters are annoying, their books contain nothing exciting, new or useful for readers. Some people produce excellent ideas, invent bright themes, but they write with a lot of mistakes. They are much less likely to succeed than thoroughly up in technical side authors. It happens because of laziness and pride. They are so excited with ideas that they do not have enough time to do painstaking and tedious work - look for metaphors, check rhythmic composition, etc. As a result, they work looks like the beautiful nonsense that is not interesting for readers at all. To give birth to a talented book, it is necessary to combine both components - technical and intellectual. That's what we have to work on.

The literary skill has been developing by practice. You do not need to study yourself in search of hidden talent because it will be extremely biased and not effective. Only in course of time, you will write well. But for this, you will have to tirelessly form the skill, study theory, listen to advice, learn from your own and others' mistakes.

What do you need to write a masterpiece?

Pleasure! If you have the soul itching in pleasant anticipation when you see a clean sheet of paper in front of you. If you refuse to sleep an extra hour in the morning to mark in your diary your internal observations and write down your thoughts. If you in spite of a desire to buy essay from professional service, have a desire to become a professional author. If you have a feeling of inferiority, incompleteness when you have written nothing during all the day. You have to get a rush of what you do. It will be the surest "yes" to your question.