Writing a Killer Essay Has Never Been Easier

Writing a Killer Essay Has Never Been Easier
Table of Contents
  1. Writing a Killer Essay Has Never Been Easier
  2. Be Hypercritical while Choosing the Topic
  3. Use More Active Verbs
  4. Minimize the Use of Abstract Terms
  5. Use as More Resources as You Can
  6. Check and Correct All Mistakes
  7. Ask Someone to Do an Essay
  8. Keep to One Style
  9. Check Whether You Like Your Essay

Even if writing is not your cup of tea, you still have a chance to create genuine essays. Mayhap, you wonder how to write a killer essay when your writing skills leave much to be desired, don’t you? In very deed, writing a killer college essay is easy when you have a desire to study and master this skill.

Some academicians consider this task to be too mind-numbing and don’t believe that essays can provoke interest. Nevertheless, they are mistaken because there is a category of essays which can bring out emotions – they can make you cry, laugh, become sullen or get happy. All this is possible with the help of simple English words but only sophisticated writers know how to shape them correctly.

The overarching mission of our review is to provide university or college students with simple but much-needed rules, allowing them to ginger up their essays and make them awesome. How to write a killer college essay? All recommendations are presented below!

Be Hypercritical while Choosing the Topic

If to ask a true artist to paint a picture on a by-order basis, it won’t be as good as he paints it when he is inspired (chooses the theme by oneself). As a result, he will have a desire to paint this picture. The same rules can be applied to essay writing because if the subject area is not yours, it will be hard to create a great essay!

College killer essay topics should matter you as a writer. Furthermore, you must be familiar with the subject area and have definite skills in this area. Try to pick up the topic which is of prime importance for you and you’ll have more chances to create a great essay which touches a raw nerve of the reader.

Use More Active Verbs

Have you ever thought of the type of words you use while writing? Mayhap, your answer is negative because no one thinks of this question. In very deed, the overarching priority of all verbs is to make your text more powerful! Verbs will trigger emotions in your readers. For that reason, you should select action, flaunting and provoking verbs.

Forget about the use of Passive Voice. In some instances, it is allowed to use it but you should reduce these constructions to the minimum. In current times, there are free online services allowing you to check the readability of your text and count how many times you use the passive form.

Minimize the Use of Abstract Terms

Your essay is the selection of different ideas which you should cover. To do this effectively, you should avoid using generalizations. If you use them, your essay will be too broad. For instance, you can’t just say “Parents allowing children to watch TV and don’t control their screen time are idiots”. This statement is incorrect. All your ideas should be explained logically without offering an affront to others. If you mention one or another idea, you should cover it thoroughly and only then, you can embark on covering other concepts.

Use as More Resources as You Can

If you don’t base your writing on your personal experience (we mean reflective essays), you should use different scientific resources. Writing a killer essay means using a number of resources. This tip will help you cover all ideas thoroughly.

You’ll support your arguments using the opinions and investigations of absolutely different scholars. Having read your paper, a teacher and the targeted audience won’t have any questions seeking clarification.

Check and Correct All Mistakes

A good author will never submit a paper which has a bunch of mistakes. At a glance, you won’t notice them but if you ask someone to proofread it, experienced writers will immediately notice them. Grammar or spelling mistakes are the enemy of any author. That is why to avoid this mistake, you should proofread your paper or essay carefully before submitting.

You should also check:

  • The use of verbs,
  • Pronouns,
  • Passive voice,
  • Check the number of adverbs,

You may read it for several times and you’ll find what paragraphs require polishing. You ought to be very attentive and cut or paraphrase sentences you don’t like. Seasoned and certified writers will never submit a paper or essay which has just been written.

Ask Someone to Do an Essay

This tip is for those who have no spare hours for writing but wish to submit it on time. Commonly, qualified writers working for online custom writing services can easily meet this challenge and create a top-quality essay. Writing a college paper online is easy because you entrust this paper to experienced and certified writers who will be glad to assist you. Their experience is enough to create a killer essay of any level of complexity.

Yet still, this tip is for those undergraduates for whom time is an issue but an upscale essay is crucially important for them.

Keep to One Style

Sometimes, students start writing using one tone but don’t stick to it until the end. This mistake is widely spread and can ruin your reputation as a good writer. For instance, you start sticking to a formal tone but finish writing in a sarcastic manner. This approach is incorrect because your overarching goal is to stay consistent while writing. For that reason, you should adhere to one style. If it is sarcasm, follow it. If it is a funny story, it shouldn’t become sad at the end of writing.

Check Whether You Like Your Essay

This technique is the last one in our list of recommendations. Yet still, it works! Having put the last dot, you should read it several times. Now, you should answer the questions:

  • Do you like it?
  • Are you satisfied with this paper?
  • Does it trigger emotions?
  • Are you pleased with your work?

If all answers are positive, then the targeted audience will also appreciate it!

In very deed, writing a great and awesome essay is not difficult. You just need to have a desire to work on this task, be familiar with the subject area and use our worthy recommendations!