How To Write A Really Good Paper

How To Write A Really Good Paper
Essay - short oral or written presentation of research. Referent – the person reading the essay.

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Excellent or mediocre essay evaluates the teacher, therefore, need to adapt to its rating system on all counts excellent. Point number one most teachers, if not all of it spelling and punctuation, have to write essays without mistakes, nowhere to go. In error-free writing can help the Microsoft Word function “spelling” or spelling dictionary. Further, it would be good to heed the instructions of the teacher and follow the given topic. The next point is strict adherence to the forms of writing the essay that will be discussed below. And probably the last, be honesty, which usually picked up. In General, the essay, in the scale and elaboration of the topic, a loose concept. In high school, especially in later courses and in core subjects of the faculty, the essay is a global work, describing in detail the subject. While in school or Lyceum 10-15 pages, concise note-taking!

First, we must know what is in the paper.
The essay consists of title page, contents, introduction, chapters – the main part of the essay, conclusion, list of literature. Let's discuss in detail on the components of the essay, which essay writers use..

The title page is the face of the essay. The title page should have:
Top full name of the institution, for whom written essay.
Next, approximately in the center of the sheet the title theme of the essay. A little lower to the right of the themes group and name(Surname, first name and patronymic) of the person writing the essay, indicating his status in the institution.
On the following lines who takes it, also with status.

At the bottom the year of creation of the essay (you can also, for example, Moscow 2013).

Content - what the essay is inside you. The contents of the second sheet of paper. The well-made essay has not only chapters, but also subsections that specify the content.

Don't forget to number the sheets and the number of sheets specified in the table of contents. Sometimes between title page and contents insert a blank sheet for notes that have accepted the essay, and therefore you. Now go through the specific content.

Introduction - Short description of the theme and formulation of the questions. Returning to the example of the “Struggle for power”, in the introduction you need to briefly describe what power is, who is fighting for it and why to do it at all and what the consequences might be. “Why do it at all and what the consequences might be” is the question that must be answered at the end of the essay in his conclusion (see below).

Head - the main part of the essay, but not the main. The chapters are written so. In the main Chapter, i.e., Chapter, and subsection (example: Chapter - Coming to power, sub - Revolutionary path) should be a small introduction, containing a brief description of the head without asking questions. The plot summary from “content” to “output” it is possible to pour a lot of water to bring the essay more weight in the literal and figurative sense of the word, but water shed on the subject. The teacher, looking at the essay, it is usually not read, but pays great attention to (reading) the contents, introduction, conclusion and list of references.

Conclusion - your thoughts about the researched topic, the hardest part. Educated conclusion this is half of the whole essay. Conclusion - must answer the question posed in the introduction, to have your opinion on the set topic of the essay and maybe give some tips on the solution to the problems raised in the essay. The conclusion of the summary – shows the degree of elaboration of the theme (think teachers).

List of references - list of sources of materials used in the creation of the essay. Must contain at least three sources. If the list is too large, it may arouse suspicion. In the list, use books recommended by the teacher. Example:


“World history of the power” of White PN. 2012 publishing house ”LINUS”.
“Terror in the 21st century,” Klimova A. V. 2010 the publishing house “VOLLEN”.
(Name of books invented by the author)

How to choose a topic?

The choice of the topic for some is not what is (the topic set by the teacher), for others torment. I will say one thing, the subject must take the one about which you know and which requires no special literature. It is best to first find the abstract, and then to take the subject, and no problems. If the abstract is not enough good, could be improved, it is much easier than writing from scratch.