If you buy an essay is it plagiarism?

If you buy an essay is it plagiarism?

The research process, writing your essay or submitting an academic project can be considered as stressful kinds of work for students. It usually requires deep immersion into a subject, long hours of research and critical thinking from college students. Of course, there is a possibility of downloading a ready-made paper from the Internet and changing the name on the title page. But many universities, high schools, colleges double-check every essay on plagiarism using special programs. That’s why you need to stop simply downloading someone else’s work and request help from the professionals. But before answering an interesting question: “can buying an essay be determined as plagiarism?” let us explain an essence of plagiarism in the modern academic world.

 How can be determined the essence of plagiarism today?

Usually, when professors talk about plagiarism, they explain it as the usage of someone else’s ideas or quotes without any references to an author. For example, if your task is to write an essay about environment protection, you find some article or a website and copy-paste the text from it, this is plagiarism. It can be found via simple software checkers. This way of using information can lead you to the total failure of the task. But if you purchase a custom essay that is created personally for you from the trustworthy custom writing services, this work will successfully pass various checkers.

Who is guilty of plagiarism?

You can be familiar with dozens of websites and companies who offer custom essays, perfect term papers or overnight dissertations. It seems to be the very simple solution to the sophisticated problem of submitting paperwork.
Don’t you think this is determined as plagiarism? Unfortunately, yes. But stay calm, custom written essays are created uniquely for you and they are going to pass all detectors of plagiarism.
But here comes the moral side of this question. Many college students don’t understand the fact that using essay writing services and working on it in person are different cups of tea. Buying an essay and submitting it as your own in order to achieve A+ can be determined as cheating. While doing this, you are simply hiring a professional to do the entire job instead of you and then show this paper to the patron as it is your own.
What am I supposed to do?
It’s totally OK to buy custom essays online if you are sick and tired of all this boring paperwork. But if your patron will ask if you bought the work you submitted, never answer an honest “yes”. Please, read the paper carefully several times before giving it to the professor because the fact of plagiarism could be simply determined by asking a couple of questions. Be ready to it.

 Before you chose a service for the creation of your ready-made paperwork, check the following important moments.

  1. The company might offer unlimited revisions. This option makes the process of custom writing cheap and comfortable. If you forgot to mention some moments or niceties, you can always include it into the revisions, isn’t it well-made?
  2. Confidentiality is an important moment too. In our company all the communications are encrypted and anonymous, so your classmates, mom or a patron will never know you bought a ready-made paperwork.
  3. Pricing level might be reasonable. Not very expensive custom papers are not bad. Our company offers pleasant prices combined with various holiday and reasonable discounts.
  4. Portfolio available for everyone to watch. On our website, you can check out the portfolio of every author and text them before you complete your academic writing order.
  5. Reviews, independent opinions about the company. Better google the name of the company before ordering something and read honest reviews. We are the company with an excellent reputation.
This simple guideline allows you to receive a custom written work made from scratch by professionals. Some students could be interested in finding a simpler way to resolve an essay and research problems.
Can I purchase ready-made written essays directly from the website?
Yes, you can, but this will be the money wasted. The quality of paperwork might be excellent, but if you see it online it means not only you bought this paperwork. Thus, the professor will easily find it online and find out which company has you purchased it from.
If you don’t want to fail your exam and get into an awkward situation, you better purchase customized term paper that will be written uniquely. Don’t chase the solutions that are too simple. Better explain your queries to our professional team and receive your work submitted on time as we usually do.
We hope this article was useful and you’ll avoid plagiarism by ordering ready-made paperwork from the experts that are in our rock star team.