Me As A Writer Essay Importance And Sample

Me As A Writer Essay Importance And Sample

Consider that you have to give an interview about your successful career as a writer. Someday everybody can receive the task named an essay about how you developed as a writer. Even if you have never imagined yourself in this role, this task can be given to you per example, on the Philosophy or Literature class. Now you will need to turn on your fantasy and imagination. This task is really important, even if the subject you got an essay on is facultative. If you literally got no idea about what to say in your essay and how to start this big and interesting journey, we got this pretty sample for you and you can use it as a basis for your own story.

How Do I Precept Myself As A Writer Essay Sample

As for me, the essay writing is the way to express your wildest thoughts and conceptions through the words and paper. This is like an imaginary place where all your dreams come true without any efforts from your side. Of course, there are many motivations to create some written content and the goals that can be achieved through writing. Some people do it for money, some - for pleasure and students usually create something for marks. My approach is good for some novels, stories or even a personal blog. On one hand, fantasy is good and implementing your dreams to the text is even better. On the other hand, for being successful during my studies I need to use another approach. I prefer to make the system out of everything, when it's about college work.

But if we talk about writing the essay for my college, my experience as a writer tells me this work needs to be based on strict facts, quotes and statistics, according to the subject of the particular work. I love to use practical and systematical approach when it comes to some essays for the assignments, but I feel freer in words, expressions and thoughts when it comes to writing stories. Writing an essay about myself as a writer is a combination of freedom and systematization, And I will share my approach and experience with pleasure.

Essay writing and submitting it for college requires concentration, systematization, following the particular citation style and the bunch of references. This kind of writing should be efficient because college essays usually have some strict deadlines and requirements. When I submit some custom essay writing for school, I can spend more time on research and drafts, than on actual writing. My picture of view is always based at least at five sources. I try to obtain a kind of expertise before explaining something to the reader. Thanks, Google, you will have a plenty of information allowing you to at least obtain some understanding of a subject in a very short time frame. When you have a plenty of tasks on various subjects you need to think and create really fast and well from the very initial time.

Before start writing I form the thesis I am going to explain in this particular essay. Normally it is one or two sentences. Then I look for the arguments and valuable references. Immediately after this I briefly explain some alternative points of view without diving deeply into the niceties. And then I explain, again in brief, why I have chosen this particular position according to the concrete question or a problem. It doesn't matter what is the topic of this particular essay. It can be historical époque of Benjamin Franklin or the mechanisms of dog's brain.

I really like this methodology because it gives me enough freedom to explain my thoughts and position, and mention a lot of interesting things while explaining one particular subject. This approach also allows analogies as an explanation and even a kind of personal style. You can use every literature you find convenient for the particular topic.

Most of all, I like exploring new things and when it comes to writing, I am literally unstoppable. I like reading other people's stories and essays on the particular subject to get inspired and create something brand-new. And also I love to combine the creativity and freedom, this combination gives the power to the words. The fact that my words and theses can be heard through the form of an interesting story gives me power and inspiration to create more and more.

Little tip: if you still got no idea what to write about and how to express your valuable thoughts, contact our essay writer service to obtain the paperwork leading you to the good marks. The most important thing is to understand whether you are inspired by the process of creation or not.