The list of topics for the exploratory essay

The list of topics for the exploratory essay
Table of Contents
  1. The list of topics for the exploratory essay
  2. The new ideas for an exploratory essay topic
  3. Social life
  4. College life
  5. Body image
  6. Family
  7. Sport
  8. World problems
  9. Love and friendship
  10. Technologies

The new ideas for an exploratory essay topic

As with any essay, this type has own restrictions on what to write and how to fully open the issue. While writing an exploratory paper, you need to pay attention to the thoughts of different people, combine the two and more views on the one situation, and then provide your opinion. That's why the topic should be the one which consists of these views, and you can make a research on this theme, too. We have prepared for you a list of the exploratory essay topics, which are divided into categories and it will be easier to choose the appropriate one. 

Social life

1. How does the life someone has in the real difference from the one in the social media? Why do people not want to show how they live and only create the ideal picture? 

2. What are some of the benefits of the online dating? Or is it only takes valuable time and causes the addiction always to check the messengers? 

3. How to explain to the world that the social media negatively affect children? 

4. What has changed in how people spend their Friday evening? Do they meet their friends or sit at home in the smartphones and do not pay attention to anything? 

5. The parties people had in the past and the ones we have now - which are better? 

6. With the creation of VR technology, do people spend less time playing together as it was with the PlayStation? 

7. The impact of the Internet on how we live(from waking up to going to bed late). 

8. How is it to have a face to face interaction in the digitalized world? 

9. The legalization of drugs in the whole world. Whom will it affect the most - children, teenagers or the adults? 

10. What makes the atheism a religion? Or is it not the religion and people who followed such views do not believe in anything? 

College life

1. Why do the students think that it is normal to break the rules? How does if effects on the overall school discipline? 

2. How the dropping out of the college or university change the life? 

3. What are the disadvantages of spending time in college and studying hard? 

4. The benefits of taking a gap year and travel around the world or spend time on the hobbies. 

5. The ways to choose the perfect college. Should you consider the subjects, you will study or about the price per the year of study? 

6. What are the challenges of taking a break during the studying in the university? 

7. Building the life after finishing the college. How do people find a well-paid job right after the graduation? 

8. The usage of digital notes: effective or not? 

9. The dormitory room: is it better to live alone or have a lot of friends? 

10. When is the most effective time to prepare for the final exams? 

Body image

1. With the increase of social media impact on people life, how changed the ideal body image? Is it any problems with it(too skinny, too plump)? 

2. What is the effect of the diet? Does it have any benefits or is it affects the mental and physical health a lot in a negative way? 

3. When we are trying to improve or change out body image, do we listen to the thoughts of other people, or do what we want to do? 

4. The last tendency in the fashion world: the fast increase in the popularity of the plus size models. 

5. How do young girls ruin their lives with the diets? Or the line when the body image which person has in her mind become the unhealthy obsession? 

6. How the celebrities influence the way how other people see themselves in the mirror? 

7. What is the positive body movement about - accepting yourself as you are or the call to action to be healthy and improve what you have? 

8. Why do the commercials and media want to earn money through the influence on the body image in the people heads? 

9. The male and female body images: is it more different or similarities? 

10. How to overcome a world problem of the unhealthy body image and only take care of your mental and physical health? 


1. How the adoption affect the overall family mood? 

2. What are the effects of divorce on the child mindset? 

3. How to continue communication with the family even if you are hundreds of kilometers away? 

4. Parents who have the alcohol or smoking addiction should not raise the children. 

5. The process of connecting two different families(the husband from one with children and the wife from another with children). 

6. How the family changed as children grow up? 

7. What are the most important when you are the parents? 

8. The privacy line: should the parents check the social media of their children? 

9. The life with the someone of elderly relatives: the disaster or very helpful? 

10. The same-sex parenting has the same effect as the conventional one. 


1. Why do people not pay that much attention to the unfamous types of the sport? 

2. How do the sports activities affect the children life? Is it positive for their development or it takes too much energy and time? 

3. The fame problem in the sport: why do some athletes think that they are allowed to be rude to fans? 

4. How does the psychology connect to the sports games? 

5. Too much is not healthy: how the every day exhausting training affects your organism and damage it. 

6. The things which should be considered before choosing the sport you will love. 

7. Which problems exist in the sport where the teamwork is much more important than the individual one? 

8. What is essential for the sport - how much talent you have or how much you practice and give the energy for it? 

9. How did the thoughts about the sports change through the years? 

10. What are the pitfalls on the way from an amateur to a professional athlete? 

World problems

1. The cloning of humans: is it the normal process? Or people should get rid of such strange ideas and naturally continue the genus? 

2. What are the healthy eating habits? Do they build only on the organic products? How do these products made - by overworking of the low-income population? 

3. How can the people in the prisons change for the better if they do not listen to the music and could not create the art, which are the methods to express the personality and improve it? 

4. The media provides the world with the tons of sexuality and violence information. This data is shared not only with adults but with the children too. Should the government consider it and make restrictions on such data? 

5. The significance of the women position - is the world still in the negative relation with the inequalities in the workplace? 

6. What are the criteria of the world problem? From the what moment the problem becomes the global one? 

7. Researching the last tendencies: what are the next global problems of the next decade? 

8. Is it possible to make the organ donation a mandatory? 

9. Why do the political advertisements exists and how they negatively affect the people choices? 

10. What should be done to save the water for as long as it possible? 

Love and friendship

1. Is it possible to ex-s to have the friendship? 

2. What makes people love the other person? 

3. The survive of the long-distance relationships: they could not live for the more than a short period(one-two months). 

5. Is it beneficial to consider love when it is the time to choose the fiance/fiancee? 

6. The life after the marriage if you don't have any prior experience of living together. 

7. Could the different set of beliefs in God ruin the marriage? 

8. Does the living together before the wedding affect the effectivity and success of the marriage? 

9. What are the things which men or women are looking for in the relationship? 

10. The life when you are in the marriage with the person you do not love. 


1. The impact of phones and tablets on the way of modern communication. 

2. What are the hidden obstacles of the Internet privacy messages? 

3. The damage which people achieve by using the social media. 

4. The smart house: laziness or improvements. 

5. How the nanotechnologies affect the people? 

6. There is a fact that the mobile phone causes cancer. Is it true? 

7. Should there be strict restrictions on the usage of the cell phone in the college/university/workplace? 

8. The electronic signature: the direct way to abandon the paper documents. 

9. What are the features of the artificial intelligent? Can it recognize the human emotions? 

10. How did the reality television change through the years?