The new ideas of topics for the process essay writing

The new ideas of topics for the process essay writing
Table of Contents
  1. The new ideas of topics for the process essay writing
  2. Before you start writing
  3. The process essay topics which you should consider on
  4. Skills
  5. College and university
  6. Friendship and family
  7. Technologies and repair

Before you start writing

When you get a task to write any essays, there are a few steps you should do before you start: 

- decide on which topic you want to write if you don't have one; 

- research the theme you chose; 

-prepare notes to make the writing faster. 

These tips are the same for all types of the essays. The different only the structure and the way how to make notes. Process essays are not hard to write, but they require from you the notes which should have the bullet or numbered list of steps which should be taken to achieve the result within some actions. You should explain to the readers how something works or how to gain experience/knowledge. That's why while choosing the topic, you should be sure that it consists of a process. We have prepared for you the list of such topics and divided them by categories to make it easier to look through. 

The process essay topics which you should consider on


1. How to do the effective gardening in order to have the flowers all around the year? 

2. How to draw the amazing and realistic portraits? 

3. How to take the wedding photos? 

4. How to start playing the piano when you are an adult? 

5. The process of building the new small business. 

6. How to make a mini rocket? 

7. The way to quick cleaning and organizing the room. 

8. How to prepare a chocolate cake? 

9. The process of learning the foreign language with the help of mobile apps. 

10. How to knit a scarf and a sweater in two weeks? 

11. The steps to prepare a dinner for ten people. 

12. The haircut on your own. 

13. The home exercise: how to create the ideal body without going outside. 

14. How to work with the video editors on the computer and the cell phone? 

15. How to write a professional curriculum vitae? 

16. The basic introduction to modeling the house. 

17. The steps to improve the level of concentration. 

18. How to create a handmade invitation card? 

19. The first steps to create the minimalist house. 

20. How to dance in hip-hop style like a professional? 

College and university

1. How to keep the diet in college and do not buy fast food? 

2. The steps to earning money to pay for college. 

3. How to make the new friends in the university? 

4. How to create the perfect essay topics for bachelor students? 

5. The steps to overcome the depression during the research practice and exam period. 

6. How to create a new successful social group in college? 

7. The process of creating a summary of the professor's lecture. 

8. How to teach student effectively? 

9. How to make the dormitory room always neat and clean? 

10. The process of the college application. 

11. How to be successful in college? 

12. What are the ways to create the routine, which combines studying and social life? 

13. How to change your major, when you are the third-year student? 

14. The steps to find a job when you are the college student. 

15. How do I make my dormitory room comfortable? 

16. How to prepare for exams two months ahead? 

17. What is a way to write your notes in the digital format? 

18. What causes people to read many science books in the short period? 

19. What to do if you have the problems with planning your studies? 

20. How to write the great introduction and conclusion for the paper? 

Friendship and family

1. How to make friends if you are closed inside? 

2. How to create the good atmosphere in the family? 

3. The steps to become a best friend to a daughter/son. 

4. The instruction on how to create monthly budgeting for the whole family. 

5. How to reduce spending money on unnecessary toys? 

6. What to do if your friend has anxiety? 

7. How to have a long and successful marriage? 

8. How to help the teenager to overcome the depression because of studies? 

9. The way to make a surprise for your friend. 

10. How to impress the other person during the first meeting? 

11. What to do if your child has alcohol or smoking addiction? 

12. How to control the time the child spends on the phone? 

13. The way to create the family dinner in the garden. 

14. How to be the friend to everybody you meet? 

15. The steps to create a huge network. 

16. How to be a good daughter/son for the parents? 

17. Steps to overcome the arguing between wife and husband. 

18. What to do to create the habit of board games evenings? 

19. What is the effect of saving a little amount of money every month? 

20. The way to see your friends every week even during the hard working weeks. 

Technologies and repair

1. How to create a new website without any knowledge of it? 

2. How to customize your car? 

3. How is the car produced at the factory? 

4. How to install a faucet in a sink? 

5. The way you can win any video game. 

6. How is the airport work organized? 

7. How to change your car oil yourself? 

8. In what way can the phone or the photo camera take photos? 

9. Explain how to the music/video recorder works. 

10. How to do a wheelie on a motorcycle? 

11. The way to edit photos on your phone for the social media profile 

12. How to create a PowerPoint presentation? 

13. The process of how a GPS is used to find you on the road. 

14. How can the one repair the fridge without experience? 

15. What is the process of creating a smart house? 

16. How to edit the video without the use of the computer? 

17. How to repair a clock? 

18. How to repair and maintain a small engine? 

19. How to build a house which needs only robots to do all the housework? 

20. What causes the air conditioner to work?