How to write an essay when you don't know what to write?

How to write an essay when you don't know what to write?

Well, everybody knows how to stare on the screen late night hours without any single idea of the contents. There are some moments when you are like: I have nothing to write about for my college essay. Your cursor is blinking and telling to start, but you argue: "I don't know how to start my essay”.  The situation gets even harder if the deadline has tough frames and the essay is required like for tomorrow morning. The panic tells you “I don't know how to write an essay”.

Where Is The Problem?

Well, if you don't like writing or you don't know what to write, it can be exhausting, thus you might look for every possibility to avoid it. Like browsing the Internet, mailing packages, whatsoever. It’s called procrastination, basically. 

The Reasons Causing Procrastination And Distraction

If you create texts up to 2000 words daily that's good and it means you are the fan of writing, but sometimes even if writing is your hobby, creating something for the university can be impossible for you.

But the alma mater doesn’t care about your inspiration and state of mind. To succeed you need a result done. And if you will not create the piece of an essay ASAP, you are in the very bad situation because what can happen is called the contract termination. This can happen because of ignoring the task for months, in another case you can receive an F and don't even dream to get rewards as a result of your studies.

To help avoid problems, we prepared some tips and tricks. But now we are going to tell about some life hacks that don't work.

What Doesn't Work?

1. Waiting for the idea and energy. Usually, the writers call it a muse, but the muses are non-existent. As an excuse for doing nothing, you can use waiting for the muse state of mind. But what we call the muse is the concentrated state of the brain when we are ready to create something. State of mind comes during the creation, it will not fall into your mind while you are watching TV. All the mind forces for generating inspiration are already inside of you, so for obtaining creative state, start before.

2. Telling yourself you’ll get all done later. While creating during the evening seems the waste of time, usually, you consider doing perfectly later. Because it doesn’t work, thus you might only allow procrastination for hours. That’s the wrong approach, leading to the waste of time. To avoid this, just schedule your tasks and follow this schedule.

3. Some doping. Some people think that small doses of an alcohol, medications or any other drugs can positively affect your state of mind and give you some energy. But the truth is, that under any kind of chemicals you might lose an ability to do the tasks one by one and you will be destructed. The speed of creation will decrease significantly after a few sips of an alcohol.

What Might Increase Your Concentration?

So, if all doesn't work, we might suggest some tips that are made especially to increase your concentration. It helped a plenty of writers and students as well.

1. Switch between your activities to stay tuned.

Often, you might distract to stay concentrated, but you better distract from something useful, like buying the groceries, walking with your pet or reading, than watching TV or scrolling Facebook.

You better complete some routine work during these periods. Checking stats, sales, Analytics, responding to emails, etc. fall into this category, and they all fall under the “Work” umbrella, so they're fair game.

2. Work according to Pomodoro cycles. This method took its name from the fact that earlier some people used to build their work schedule according to their timer in the kitchen to do well. It’s like 20 minutes of work then 5 minutes of break. After 4 cycles, you can make yourself a 20-minute break.

3. Proper scheduling. This is a similar method to Pomodoro, but here you might schedule your writing cycles plan earlier.

4. The Internet is for finding some ideas. If you are struggling with finding the topic, dedicate some resources like time to some fast research. Be inspired by the content you can find on Google pages.

The Dilemma Familiar To Every Writer

Doesn't matter, you write for the university only or for some blog posts, you are a writer. If writing is also your hobby, you might face some periods without inspiration more frequently. Something might be created only after you will struggle with yourself. And the process of struggling is called the writer’s block.

Experience will give you many possibilities to find what blocks you from the perfect result as well. It can per example be not enough sleep, distracting messengers, or friends. Avoid these factors to write a perfect essay.

But if you got no enough time to work on your project, then just give us a quick email and our team of professional essay writers will complete it as soon as possible. If “I have nothing to write about for my college essay” is the key thought, let us know, we will go through it together.