The Key Reasons Why Students are Scared of Graduation

The Key Reasons Why Students are Scared of Graduation

The syndrome of post-graduation anxiety is well familiar to any university or college student. Nevertheless, it is okay because the anxiety about graduating college just means that you are afraid of changes. During several academic years, you got used to your daily schedule and people around you. If this kind of life meets your requirements and you don't want to change anything, you will definitely be scared of all changes that are waiting for you after college.

Psychologists call this phenomenon as stepping out of your comfort zone, which is always followed by anxiety. Nevertheless, you ought to be ready for any changes that will happen to you in your life. So goes the world – one life period is changed by the other one. What is waiting for students after the graduation from college? Why are a significant number of collegers afraid of this period?

  1. Staying close to your friends and relatives is hard.

When you are studying at a college, you spend the significant part of the day with your friends:

  • you visit lectures,
  • attend libraries,
  • get ready for classes,
  • have meals.

You do all these everyday duties together. Post-graduation period is absolutely different. You will become more independent, and you won’t have an opportunity to hang around with your friends every day.

  1. You will understand that learning is not difficult.

Being a colleger, you deal with different kinds of academic assignments on a rolling basis. It is apparent that you get tired of them. Yet still, when you finish apprenticeship and enter the new period of your life, you will understand that to write your college papers, reviews or essays is easy and jocularly (for all that, it is easier than to obtain a dream job with a good salary with no experience).

  1. Being a Student is Cheaper.

When you live on campus, you use different student discounts. Besides, the price for living in a campus is lower than the cost for living in rented accommodation. You will also have to pay bills by yourself. Primarily, all these things shock, but later, you’ll find a job, which will allow you to cover your bills.

  1. You won’t have summer vacations.

Working for any company, you will always have an opportunity to take a vacation, but it won’t be as long as you have now. Commonly, your vacation won’t last for more than 2 or 3 weeks. Nevertheless, there is another positive aspect as well – you will have an opportunity to travel around the world. When you are a colleger, you can't afford to pay for these trips!

  1. Collegers are afraid of managing several tasks simultaneously.

While studying at a higher educational establishment, you just attend classes and get ready for them. In some instances, students combine education and a part-time job.

When you become a grown-up, in all likelihood, you will be working in a multitasking mode. You should get accustomed to this, and if you don’t want to be nuts, you should learn the ropes of time-management. You should plan all of your activities and write them down. In this scenario, you won’t forget about one or another urgent task.

In sober fact, every person is scared of the new life period, and alumni aren’t an exception to the rules. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be afraid of this because this is just a new life challenge and you should meet it with good grace!